All good things…

For about two years I’ve found something cool to write about every week. The idea, in part, was to cut my teeth with this whole communicating science thing, see how fun it could actually be, and get some reps in–but it was always meant as a stepstone to make this passion of mine a job. Well, reps are in and fun has most definitely been had. However, the weekly commitment has gotten a bit in the way of the job thing, so time has come to dial it back a notch.
Not saying I quit! Just that I won’t be writing every week anymore. There’s an ever-growing list of things I’d like to talk and write about.
Stuff will keep coming–just not weekly.
Talk to you soon!


What the heck is energy?

Electricity, fuels, heating: energy is all around us. Physicists talk about it all the time to decode the mechanisms behind basically every process. Yet a good definition of energy is hard to come by: what is this “energy”?

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The science of invisibility cloaks

Something like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak might actually be the best way to become invisible in real life. Unfortunately, it surely won’t be here for your next Christmas gifts, although scientists are trying (with some success) to understand how to make one.

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Climate change might anticipate the arctic sunrise

As we approach spring, the arctic gradually comes out of its long winter night. And as polar winters get milder and milder every year, people started noticing something unusual: the Sun sometimes rises on the wrong day—and in the wrong place.

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How X-Ray vision works

Seeing through opaque objects is notoriously hard. Unless you have Superman’s “X-Ray vision”, or those “X-Ray specs” that for decades have promised teen voyeurs the ability to see through clothes. What would be the physics of that? And is it at all possible to have X-Ray vision?

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Inspiration or deceit?

While listening to the always brilliant Hello Internet podcast, I stumbled upon a shocking question: am I deceiving you, my beloved reader, when I try to present science as something exciting?

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How to find a Mayan city with physics

Thousands of previously unknown Maya structures reveal interconnected cities, defensive walls, landscape architecture, plus space and organization indicating millions of people living there. And they were found thanks to physics.


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