This website contains the English version of a few posts from my Italian blog, amorefisico.it.

My intent is to communicate and share my love for the wonderful complications of the universe and the science that can explore and explain them.

The world around us is beautiful. Science, and physics in particular, shows that everything, from the most complex experiment to everyday occurrences, have something special to say about the universe and how we see it.

The wonders hidden in every idea, theory and experiment shouldn’t be accessible only to the lucky few that can extricate the mathematical details. Discussing them in an accessible way, I want to give everyone the chance to appreciate this immense beauty.

Here I will talk about how fascinating, intriguing and spectacular are the universe we live in and the knowledge we accumulated on it. This ain’t no place to pick fights, resolve controversies or debunk theories, no matter how ridiculous they are (other people already do that much better than I ever would).

amorefisico is a virtual friend that really really likes the world and cannot wait to tell you about it.


Best wishes,